6 Things You Should Never Say In An Interview

Job interviews can sometimes feel like an awkward first date. Just swap the candlelit dinner and misguided attempts at flirting with a clinically lit meeting room and misguided attempts at impressing strangers and you’ve got a match! Everyone knows the cringe-worthy conversations that are sure to ruin a date, (‘you look exactly like my mother’ is a personal favourite), but knowing what not to say in an interview isn’t quite so simple. Then again, ‘you look exactly like my mother,’ is probably not the best thing to say to your interviewer either! Here are 6 things you should never say in a job interview:


1. ‘Sorry I’m late…’

Firstly, don’t be late. Buy yourself a watch! But, if you do happen turn up late to an interview by just a few minutes then apologising for your tardiness only draws attention to something the interviewer might not have noticed. It’s always best to arrive on time but we understand that nobody’s perfect (especially when public transport is involved!) If you arrive seriously late then you’ll obviously have some grovelling to do, but for the sake of just a naughty few minutes ignorance is definitely bliss.


2. ‘Getting here was a nightmare!’

Complaining to your interviewer that you had a terrible commute will not inspire confidence. In fact, it suggests that you wont be able to arrive on time or with reasonable ease which will not help to sell yourself as the perfect candidate. Although it doesn’t rule you out, if it came down to you or an equal opponent who happens to live 5 minutes from the workplace, then it’s quite likely that you’ll never have to make that terrible commute again after all…


3. ‘My greatest weakness? Hmm, I’m a perfectionist!’

‘Actually no, I work too hard!’ These answers are as transparent as the bus window you’ll be staring out of on your way back home. Saying something along the lines of this makes you sound arrogant and, well, kind of boring. It’s completely unoriginal and sounds like you’re showing off, so don’t be that guy! Answering that ‘greatest weakness’ question is a toughy, so here are our top tips on how to tackle it!


4. ‘Nope, I have no questions!’

This is the interview equivalent of the noise of crickets chirping or the death of a terrible joke. In fact, don’t be surprised if your interviewers shift uncomfortably in their seats as a rogue tumbleweed blows across the room. Okay, this might be a little dramatic, but nothing says unprepared like turning up with no questions about the job role. A simple ‘how would I spend an average day in this role?’ or ‘when would I be required to start if I am successful?’ will do. Plus, it makes you look like you’re genuinely interested in this position – go on, ask away!


5. ‘Do we have lots of work socials? I love a bev or two…’

Although we’re encouraging you to ask any questions you may have, it’s important that they remain appropriate. Yes, work/life balance is key to work-satisfaction and we all like to be up to date on the office culture, but asking your interviewers about drinking opportunities may make you seem unprofessional or even immature. Leave the party talk to the parties and keep it relevant!


6. ‘I’m leaving my last job because the company was awful.’

No one likes a Negative Nelly! (Sorry Nelly). Talking disparagingly about your last boss/colleagues/company, no matter how terrible it might have been, is never a good idea in a job interview. Interviewers are looking for someone who will impact the company positively and a lot can be learned from one’s attitude. So stick a smile on your face and save those angry grumbles for your diary.

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Annabel Usher, Content Editor